Life Insurance for Seniors and People of All Ages

Our goal is to help people of all ages find affordable, quality term life insurance. If your family has questions, please contact us. People in their 50s, 60s, those about to retire, and senior citizens are very welcome to use our services. We help to provide people at any age with their life insurance needs. Opportunities vary based on an individual’s specifics but life insurance may be available for people buying insurance even when they are up to the age of 85 and coverage may extend well beyond that age. Our agency partners have extensive experience helping people with life insurance for 50s and over. There is no obligation. We are pleased to answer your questions or provide a free quote.

How do we do it?

JRC Life Insurance Services matches people with the best life insurance options available to them by shopping 47 different top-rated life insurance companies and hundreds of different products. JRC agents are partners in the business and come from a background where we handled pre-qualification underwriting for the top life insurance companies. This experience allows us to quote accurate rates for you right over the phone, usually within about 10 to 15 minutes.

We only offer life insurance. We are specialists and that can make all of the difference. We aren’t trying “cross sell” you auto or health insurance. Our focus is solely on what you want to focus on…financially protecting your family with quality life insurance at the most affordable rates you will find.

Please call us toll free at (855) 520-2026 so we can help you with your life insurance needs and questions. If you prefer, you can use our convenient online quote request form below. Thank you!


Life Insurance for Any Age
Free, No Obligation Life Insurance Quote

Take a moment to complete this easy online form to receive a no obligation life insurance quote from an expert JRC Life Insurance Services agent. They will work to find you the best policy at the best price. If you prefer, you can call toll free (855) 520-2026. Quotes for new life insurance coverage are generally available for individuals who are up to age 85.

Your information will be provided to JRC Insurance Services so their expert agents can provide you with a quote for life insurance. By pressing the submit button you agree that JRC may contact you using the information you have provided. Thank you!

What Is Term Life Insurance?

As the name suggests, term insurance covers you for the specified period or term. The duration may be one or more years. Increments of ten, twenty, and thirty years are the most popular. Term life insurance usually offers the lowest cost of insurance for the coverage provided. This gives you the largest insurance protection for your premium dollar. It does not, though, build savings (or cash value) and is not permanent lifetime coverage.

ROP or return of premium term insurance is somewhat of an exception to the rule of term life insurance not having cash value. Its cost is higher than standard term life insurance. If you keep the policy and make all payments during your term, however, all of the money you paid in over the years is returned to you.  The younger you begin an ROP policy, the smaller the gap in cost between it and standard term life insurance.

In addition to being relatively affordable, term life insurance is flexible in terms of your obligation. In most cases, term insurance can be cancelled at any time without further obligation. Think of it like your car insurance policy. If you cancel the policy and stop making the payments, the policy’s coverage typically ends within about 30 days.

If you have any questions, please call us toll free at (855) 520-2026.


How Can JRC Help You?

Some people consider working directly with an insurer but you can’t buy term life insurance directly from them. Term life insurance is regulated and must be sold through licensed agents. This provides someone to help you through the shopping and decision process. This gives you someone to answer your questions about the application process and your policy once it issued.

JRC has only experienced agents. This is valuable not only for answering questions but also in matching you with the right insurer. Every life insurance company has their own underwriting guidelines. They are used to determine your mortality risk class and importantly the cost of your policy. There are 16 different life insurance rate categories. These are used to assess the risk of the person being insured. A person is assigned to a rate class based on their health and lifestyle. Every company’s guidelines vary. An experienced agent with underwriting knowledge can help match you to the right insurer.

Keep in mind that there is no cost to you in using an agent. Agents are compensated by the insurer.

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